How to Buy a Kitten

Cat ownership is a huge responsibility, almost like having a child in the family. The proper care and nourishment must be provided in order for your kitten to grow to be a strong and healthy feline. Similar to a child, a pet must be fed, cleaned, exersized and stimulated. Like taking a child to the pediatrician, a kitten needs to be taken to a veterinary clinic on a regular basis for checkups. If you are contemplating cat ownership, make sure you are prepared for the responsibilty. The joys of pet ownership can be beyond compare, including the possibility of your cat having kittens and the added benefits of selling those kittens, like the kittens for sale in pet stores.

Kittens for sale can be found in pet stores as well as on the internet at online pet stores. There are many breeds/varieties of kittens to choose from. Finding your perfect cat depends on the buyer's preferences. You can find felines for sale from may different breeds including Persian, Coon, Siamese, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair and others.

Prior to buying a kitten, make sure you do your homework and research the type of feline breed that will be right for you. When choosing a kitten make sure you know if it is a pure breed kitten or is mixed. Make sure you understand the consequences of buying the particular cat you are looking for, like you curtains being used as a scratching post. Never buy a pet on impulse, make sure the kitten will fit with your lifestyle/family and talk to a veterinarian about what possible health hazards the particular breed may have.

Important factors to weigh when searching for kittens for sale, include the costs of properly caring for your kitten. Many buyers only look at the price of the kitten for sale, and forget that the kitten will need licensing, veterinary care, dentistry, vaccinations and other health care requirements.

Impuse buying is also not fair to the kitten, since there is a lack of understanding about the animals natural behavior. If you try to force a cat to act against its nature, the cat will not be happy and will act out. Make sure you can provide the proper accomidations for the pet you choose.

It is important to check with your veternarian about the capability of kittens to pass diseases to your family. During their younger years, many felines carry worms and other parasites. If possible, bring some stool to the veterinarian prior to purchasing a pet to allow him to determine any possible health issues.

There are lots of kittens for sale online and in pet stores. Prior to considering one of these kittens for sale, make sure you ask yourself if you and your family are ready to become responsible cat owners.