How To Train A Puppy or Dog

Puppy training begins the moment you bring your puppy home. Most dog owners don't realize how important this is. Puppies are very smart, and training them while they are small is the best way to have a obedient dog. Training your Puppy starts as soon as you bring your puppy home. Many dog owners do not realize the importance of setting guidlines for your Puppy from the start. Puppies are very intelligent, and training them as young as possible is the best way to have an obedient canine for life. Its important that you do not let your puppy sleep in your bed. You need to set up and enforce rules for your puppy. Its best for puppies to [MORE]

Does your Dog Need Registration Papers?

Does your Dog Need Registration Papers? Papers from an official Kennel Club or other organization does not guarantee the quality of your puppy, only what its breed is and the pets parentage. If you wish to participate in a purebred dog show, you will be required to show papers. Many people will obtain registration papers if they plan on breeding their dog. You cannot sell a dog as a purebred unless both parents have proper registration. No dog should be bred until it has demostrated that it is a proper example of the breed. This can be done via dog shows and by having a veterinarian test the animal for any genetic defects. [MORE]

Is my Dog Pregnant? or in Labor!?

Canine pregnancy can be difficult to detect, but here are some tips to help you figure out if your dog his having puppies. If your dog is not acting normal, or is less then enthusiastic about what she normally is, it could be many things including pregnancy. There are some indicators that can help you tell whether or not puppies are in your future. First make sure that your dog is a candidate for getting pregnant. Dogs do not reach sexual maturity until 18-24 months depending on breed of dog. Its a good idea to find out about your breed when you purchase a dog. Dogs will only get pregnant when they are in heat. Shorty aft[MORE]

What to Name Your Pooch

Whether you are buying a new puppy or adopting an older dog, what you name your dog says alot about both you and the puppy. Here are some things to consider when naming your new pet. Remember your pets name will be used in many contexts. While it may seem funny and cool with the guys to name your pet Butthead, it may not seem so funny when you ask your Aunt Mildred to come over and pet sit for you. Keep it Simple. While Wigglesworthfeatherbottom may seem to fit your pets look and personality, long names are more difficult during training. Think of your pet as having extreme ADD, with a very long name, they are bored before you even finish[MORE]

How to Buy a Kitten

Cat ownership is a huge responsibility, almost like having a child in the family. The proper care and nourishment must be provided in order for your kitten to grow to be a strong and healthy feline. Similar to a child, a pet must be fed, cleaned, exersized and stimulated. Like taking a child to the pediatrician, a kitten needs to be taken to a veterinary clinic on a regular basis for checkups. If you are contemplating cat ownership, make sure you are prepared for the responsibilty. The joys of pet ownership can be beyond compare, including the possibility of your cat having kittens and the added benefits of selling those kittens, like the kittens for sale in[MORE]

Should You Declaw Your Cat?

Whether or not to declaw a cat is an important decision a cat owner must make. The choice can be controversial with some thinking it inhumane, and other thinking it very beneficial. Declawing a cat is the cutting off of the end of each toe. Sometimes this is just done on the front feet, sometimes it is done all all of them. Generally a kitten is put under general anesthetic for the procedure and pain medications are administered after. It is ideal for declawing to take place at an early age. Kittens tend to heal quicker since they put less stress on their feet. Kittens can be declawed as your as six weeks of age. Declawed kitt[MORE]

Caring for Older Cats

As cats get older their nutritional requirements change. Middle age cats are often overweight or obese. As a cat ages, they may not be able to digest protiens and fats as will as their younger counterparts. This can lead to weight loss if an older cats need for fats and proteins are not being met. The weight and body condition of older cats should be checked and recored regularly. A sudden change in weight or body condition should alert you to the fact that your cat may not be getting enough fats and proteins. If this is the case, a change in diet may be needed. Older cats need a diet rich in fats and proteins in order to keep up their wei[MORE]

How To Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet, whether its a dog, cat, or something small and furry, can be a wonderful thing to do. You are providing for an animal in need, and in return you can be rewarded with a faithful companion. While adopting a pet is a noble pursuit, it is more complex then just plunking down your credit card at a local pet store. Prospective pet owners generally will need to be approved by the shelter. Here are some tips that can help you through the process. Find a shelter in your area and call them at least a few days before you want to adopt your pet. Find out what their hours are, and plan to get there at least an hour before they close. How much tim[MORE]